Carnival Routes

The Creative Seed were successful with An Arts Council Application which  covered their summer 2018 activities.


Creative Seed activities developed and delivered a key artistic and strategic programme for summer 2018.


The Creative Seed worked with the brilliant Steve Hoyte in 2017, where he showed the team new techniques and designs to enhance their artistic standards. Steve Hoyte is a valued part of the production team for Rampage Mas Band. Over the last two years he has had the opportunity to work in Europe and Trinidad. the Creative Seed have brought Steve back in 2018 to continue their work together and to create a show stopping Queen costume/float.

Steve Hoyte

Hughbon Condor

Hughbon Condor is an internationally respected carnival costume designer and has been designing and making Carnival costumes from the age of 17. Hughbon was a Mechanical Engineer and specialised in Production and Industrial Engineering. He's been closely associated with Leeds West Indian Carnival for many years. The Creative Seed are working with Hughbon this year to further develop their skills and learn how to add movement to their costumes.

RJC Dance

Creative Seed worked with RJC Dance during the summer of 2018.


RJC Dance is the leading inclusive Black dance organisation in the North empowering young people and adults through movement. Youth development and education is at the heart of their work and they are committed to vitality, active participation, creativity and renewal. They seek to inspire, nurture and develop the next generation of diverse artists working in partnership with national organisations to develop the diversity of Black British dance as a valued art form. 

Alan Vaughan

Alan is Nationally and internationally recognised for his work in carnival arts particularly for his dedication and design work in Trinidad specialising in traditional stilt walking within a carnival context. Alan will be working with the Creative Seed team on costume design and stilt walking within a carnival context.

Keith has background in metal work, having began his career 25 years ago undertaking a four year apprenticeship as a welder and fabricator. Keith has a wonderful eye for detail and a fantastic imagination, which coupled with his metalworking skills enable him to create beautiful upcycled pieces. The Creative Seed worked with Keith in 2017 when he created two steel frames for queen costumes. In 2018 Creative Seed plan to partner up with Keith again and take their queen costumes to the next level.

Callaloo Carnival Arts

Over the past three years The Creative Seed and Callaloo have developed a close strategic partnership, which has blossomed into a positive productive working relationship. Callaloo have agreed once again to participate in the 2018 South Tyneside Carnival and in return The Creative Seed will be performing at Mirfield Carnival in Yorkshire.

K L Metal Art