About Us

The Creative Seed  is a dynamic carnival company, working nationally to deliver carnivals and festivals.


We engage with community groups offering workshops and celebration events, bringing a fun, professional energy to every production.

In our professional work we connect with other artists and carnival companies nationally and internationally.


We work in many different places, creating everything from large carnivals and festivals with stilt walkers, floats, large props and dancers,  to more concentrated community events. 

Our work is available to hire on a commercial basis, with a service of hiring walkabout characters, street performances and so much more. Please see our hire us page for more information. 

We operate all year round with a constant core team of fifteen people. Our team is extremely important to us and each member brings their own skill set and energy to the business.

The company started in 2009, initially in response to demand from community organisations and local authorities in the North East who wanted to develop high quality and spectacular community carnival style events with professional production quality. 

Our Mission

The Creative seed is committed to producing high quality and accessible creative projects and to contributing to a cohesive and productive community.

We strive to give people the confidence to see beyond their immediate circumstances or social boundaries.


As a company, we focus on those who are often considered average or who have had difficulty achieving and whose talents or skills may often have gone unnoticed due to their personal or social circumstances.


We aim to connect with people, showcase communities and their abilities and will to succeed.


It’s not about what we do, but who we work with and the way we approach the work we do.


“Relationships are the key.”