HLF History of Parades & Marches in South Tyneside

The Creative Seed was funded by heritage lottery to document the relationship and passion the people of South Tyneside have for parades and carnivals in the borough.

The project includes the production of a 10 minute film documenting the memories of local people and groups who have been associated with, organised or taken part in parades or marches over the last 50 years.

The project involved some research, looking at archive footage and photography dating back as far as 1907. The Creative Seed would like to thank British Pathe, North East Film Archive and The National Centre for the Written Word for being valuable resources for this research.

As part of this project The Creative Seed worked with professional artists to deliver workshops in costume and movement. The workshops evoked memories of past parades in South Tyneside and created an opportunity for the participants to share their memories.

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