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The Creative Seed is a Community Interest Company (CIC) based in North East England. We host a range of arts projects which collectively aim to provide access to arts and culture for everyone in the communities we serve. 


The company started in 2009, initially in response to demand from community organisations and local authorities in the North East who wanted to develop high quality and spectacular community events with professional production quality. The Creative Seed is known for its colourful, vibrant and exciting displays at high profile events including the increasingly popular South Tyneside Parade - standing in the spotlight with amazing costumes, headdresses and floats created by our talented team.


Alongside carnivals and parades, and in response to the community, The Creative Seed have engaged in a number of new, exciting projects, including their recent development of Carnival House, an arts centre and cafe based in Southwick. The company has also recently launched Sessions From The Pit, an online artist feature platform for local musicians, dance artists and more.