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Since 2009, The Creative Seed has produced, organised and delivered more than 30 parades and festivals, engaging in excess of half a million people. During this time we have worked in tandem with local councils, creative organisations, and volunteers to bring vibrant and engaging events to locations across the North East. In the run up to these events, we have also hosted workshops and classes to engage local communities even further.

Some of the projects the Creative Seed have worked on in this capacity are: Newcastle Mela, South Tyneside Parade, Autumn Beach Festival, Sunderland Tall Ships, SIRF, VAMOS! and more.


As well as the workshops that have supported our carnivals and parades, we have hosted a wide array of sessions in a variety of venues.

At Carnival House, our cultural hub situated in the heart of Southwick, Sunderland, we have provided the community with opportunities to get involved with crafts, yoga, movement and exercise, painting, wreath-making and more, while giving children a chance to take part in workshops for DJing, drama and stilt-walking, to name a few. We also have classes for babies and toddlers to make friends and have tonnes of fun! 

Have a look at our current programme here.


We also regularly host a range of evening & weekend events at our Southwick base. Everything from clairvoyant evenings and comedy shows, to salsa nights and paint & plonk! There really is something for everyone!

Whether you prefer relaxing at a sound bath, or performing at an Open Mic, we have the event for you! 

We're always looking for new and exciting events and engaging, knowledgeable hosts, so if you have an event you would like to see at Carnival House, contact us! 

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