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The Creative Seed was formed in 2009 as a creative arts company with the spirit of Carnival at its heart. Originally delivering all sorts of creative workshops and facilitating outdoor activity, The Creative Seed has grown and diversified into the all-encompassing community organisation that it is today.

From a unit in TEDCO, to a studio “shed” in a back garden, to having a base in South Tyneside College – The Creative Seed has traveled the region, and continues to be a beacon of all things creative.

In 2019, The Creative Seed established their first real permanent home at St Hilda’s Pit Head in South Shields, and later acquired Carnival House in Southwick, expanding their vision further.

Originally involving a team of just a husband and wife, the company now employs around 30 people, and works with dozens more in the facilitation and delivery of its programme.

The Creative Seed has grown to become a key part of the South Tyneside community in particular. From parades and carnivals, to music and art events, they orchestrate and create a place for many creative individuals in the North East, where there was previously none. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with big events temporarily halted, The Creative Seed diversified its programme to include more classes and workshops, and now looks to bring together combined arts in the community, with a view to also introducing more digital elements in its work.


Carnival House has become a much-needed centre in Sunderland too, providing classes and events in not only artistic disciplines, but in health and wellbeing as well. Carnival House serves as an educational and social hub to children and adults with a range of abilities, as well as being a welcoming cafe and bar for the community to enjoy. The space is also available for private hire, hosting everything from Christenings and Baby Showers to birthday parties and conferences. Have a look at what's on by clicking here. Or like the Carnival House Facebook Page to stay up to date.


St. Hilda's Pit Head has developed into a digital hub, and the home of The Creative Seed's popular YouTube channel - Sessions From the Pit. Sessions From The Pit is a series of high quality, professionally produced videos consisting of interviews and performances with local artists. Sessions From the Pit has made the digital delivery of art accessible to everyone in the area, and not just those that can afford expensive equipment. A host of live events has sprouted from the Sessions From the Pit concept, and take place regularly at Carnival House, showcasing some of the finest up-and-coming talent from across the North East and beyond in a beautiful intimate setting.

As well as The Creative Seed's commitment to the arts, the company has been making moves towards encouraging a more diverse, inclusive, and environmentally friendly community. Being inspired largely by Brazil's famous Carnivals, appreciating and respecting other cultures has always been at the center of what The Creative Seed do. The Creative Seed also host eco-emporiums at Carnival House, which provide a space for artists and other crafts-people to sell up-cycled and eco-friendly goods.

With an ever-growing remit, The Creative Seed is always looking to expand, evolve, and help bring its values and services to as many people within the local community as possible. Want to be part of it all? Sign up to our mailing list and stay up to date!

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