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Sessions from the pit is an exciting new digital venture from The Creative Seed. Working out of our newly developed media hub within St. Hilda's Pit Head, The Creative Seed have developed a professional quality series that consists of interviews and performances from local artists, musicians and creators.


Through the weekly episodes, distrubited via the Sessions From the Pit YouTube channel, artists within the area have the opportunity to showcase their work to a wide audience, and create high quality recordings of their work with the help of The Creative Seed's media team.

Addtionally, the project has opened up opportunities for people in the area to get work experience in media and digital production. [CLICK HERE TO WATCH]

Community Workshops & Events:

At The Creative Seed's Sunderland venue, Carnival House, we offer a range of workshops to cater for all memebrs of the community.


For children, our workships include Zumbini (ages 0-4), Carnival Zumba (ages 4-7), Pre-School Fun, Stilt Walking, Carnival Drumming, Drama Fun & Games, Carnival Crafts and Drama Music Fun.

For adults we offer Zumba, Yoga, 'Paint and plonk' events, Live music, comedy, and open mic 'monologue' events for local actors. As Covid-19 restricitons continue to ease we are excited to increase the events and opportunities we offer.

Pop up Gallerys & Craft Markets:

Carnival House is also host to our popular pop-up art galleries and craft markets.


Our galleries are comprised of fantastic artwork from local artists that has been chosen by The Creative Seed team.


The craft markets provide a space for artisans and entrepreneurs to sell home made goods, crafts, and art projects, as well as giving the community a time to buy some beautiful unique pieces for their homes. 

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Sunderland Halloween Parade October 22nd 2021:

The Creative Seed are returning to their role of helping organise the spooky and spectacular halloween parade that takes place in Sunderland. 

Working alongside Sunderland council, the universtiy of Sunderland, and other organisations, we're excited to exhibit some amazing creations, dances and costumes.

Parades and carnivals are what we do best, and we can't wait to get back to it after the covid-19 pandemic has put so many exciting things on hold!

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