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Sessions from the Pit is an online channel started by The Creative Seed during the pandemic, when many artists and creatives had little or no work opportunities. The channel was developed to profile artists and their work, offering a platform and content to share their ideas, thoughts and creative journeys. 
Through the company’s venue based work at Carnival House in Sunderland and The Pit in South Shields, the Creative Seed works closely with a broad range of artists and creatives and will be offering future opportunities to associated artists to be featured on the Sessions from the Pit channel as part of its regular programme of work.

The project has produced a series of high quality, professional videos consisting of interviews and performances with local artists. It has made the digital delivery of art accessible to everyone in the area, and not just those that can afford expensive equipment. A host of live events has sprouted from the Sessions From the Pit concept, called Sessions From The Pit LIVE. They take place regularly at Carnival House, showcasing some of the finest up-and-coming talent from across the North East and beyond in a beautiful intimate setting.

Artists that have previously been a part of Sessions From The Pit include Luke Royalty, Dayna Leadbitter, Lizzie Esau, Sisi, Sagaboi and Finn Forster, among many others.

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